An intimate conversation with Grammy winning singer Adele

She’s been hailed as the new “Amy Winehouse”, and Adele’s latest album (her first in years) #25 is a show stopper in its own right.  The album, which released just yesterday, is expected to shatter some of the biggest record sales in music history.

In a specially exclusive 5 Question Interview, Adele chatted about everything from her own fears to why she named her album “25”.

1.) Daily News: What scares you the most about fame?

Adele: I’d hate to be one of those people that get lost in this “world”.  Fame has opened so many doors, and, I’m forever grateful for those that it has opened. But, I don’t want to be one of those where fame and the term “dangerous” become synonymous with my career.

2.) Why did you name your album “25”?

I named the album after my age again, mostly, because of everything that has happened since I recorded and wrote “21”.  Allot has happened since then and I just crammed so much in there.  The album and stuff kind of sets the tone for everything that sort of happened.

3.) That Beyonce rumor….

Of course I wouldn’t turn down Beyonce. That’s Queen B for gods sakes.  I’m Queen B until the day I die’.  I wouldn’t be so rude as to turn down such a duet.

4.) On life as a mum….

Having Angelo changed me deeply as a person.   Although it made me want to have more children, indeed.   There are nights that I don’t get much sleep at all, and others, that seemingly appear perfect.  One thing I’ve  noticed as Angelo gets older, is, that he does not like it when  I spend far too much time away from him.

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Fun Fact About Adele:  Adele’s success is largely paid to that of once popular social network: Myspace. in 2007,  her first major song Hometown Glory was released on XL recordings.  Since then, she has had numerous hits and more than 6 six Grammy’s to date.

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