A Weekly Roundup of William Porter ‘s Murder Trial

In the death of Freddie Gray.

Five Things We Seen in Day 2 Of  William Porter’s Murder Trial

Day 1 of William Porter’s murder trial in the death of Freddie Gray (unfortunately he’s only getting manslaughter)  brought tears; nervousness, and uneasiness to most of Baltimore. Daily News has been on ground since the trial started, most, are uneasy to say the least about what the potential verdict may be.

During yesterday’s Day 2 of the trial, some of which, was unexpected — shocking video footage of Gray’s arrest surfaced in the courtroom. The video was the first time the jury saw Gray arrested by police, shouting [screaming] with people and bystanders pleading with police to stop.

The video was reportedly shot by bystander Kevin Moore. The video serves as  a pivotal moment in the prosecutions attempt to paint Porter as one of six ruthless police officers who ended the life of Gray in the back of that police van.

Brandon Ross, a previous close friend of Gray, broke down on the witness stand after testifying that he saw  Gray arrested and it was “like they hog tied him” “they had him in leg shackles and all”.  “They just threw him into the paddy wagon and that was it”.

The video was so hard to watch Daily News Editors present in the court room had to shield their eyes during parts of the video.  Remember folks, your smart phones are your best weapon. 

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