Vatican rocked by ‘Rent Boy’ scandal

CREEPOh….. could the Vatican get any gayer? Probably not.  New accusations against the Vatican have surfaced this weekend — but this time, a little more serious than before. The Daily Mail reports that convicted pedophile Don Poggi came forward with a police list of names of fellow priests that ‘pimped teenage boys’  for clergymen inside of the Vatican.

This wouldn’t be the first gay scandal for the Vatican, as last year they faced a barrage of claims of even more child abuse of underage boys.

Police say some 4 individuals on top of a large group of those indicated in Poggi’s claims have been put under investigation. IN detailed reports Poggi reportedly claimed that he and others often recruited under age teenage boys (often immigrants) near the gay bar Twink in Rome.

Calls to the Vatican are pending.

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