Biopic surrounding the life of Hollywood legend Anna Nicole Smith premieres on U.S television

In a much anticipated premiere — the official biopic of Hollywood legend Anna Nicole Smith premiered on U.S television yesterday sparking a social media frenzy surrounding the late  Smith herself.  In the movie, Agnus Brucker who plays the legendary (Smith) nails the life of the Playboy icon to a T.

Smith, in the movie quickly goes down hill once she actually hits it big with money and fame. Champagne, heavy drinking, cocaine, you name it the late lady herself did it.  Wreckless driving, lesbian encounters, her son Danny as the movie went on didn’t know what to do with himself.

Quickly married to Howard J. Marshall following an encounter in a strip club where she worked (post-boob-job). Marshall quickly took Smith back to his ranch where she almost immediately moved in, and basically become Mrs Howard Marshall.  Indulging in the lavish lifestyle, Marshall’s children quickly became opinionated over Smith when they began to feel that she was only after the late tycoon for his money.

On came the fame, and lots of it. During a motorcycle  promotion event — Anna had been seen heavily doing drugs and drinking champagne with a female friend while on top of a vehicle.  Her son, felt like she was self destructing.  After a lesbian encounter in a hotel room, she went down-hill (fast) and eventually lost J. Howard Marshall to death.  He died in his bedroom bed but not before his son tricked him into signing papers to make him the sole beneficiary of his estate.

In a life marked by sadness, tragic deaths, and a bitter war over a billion dollar estate — the true story of Anna Nicole Smith is a film that will leave you wondering what led the Playmate legend to kill herself.  Fame and fortune aside — there was no question indeed that Anna Nicole loved her son till death do she part.

Throughout most of her life — Smith did what she had to do to take care of Danny, despite it becoming a tragic centerfold to some.


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