Everything you need to know about the birth of the heiress to the British throne


Kate3The days are winding down — literally.  Style King correspondent Sasha Ra’Vaughn  has gathered all of the details you need to know about the expected heiress to the British throne.

With special correspondence by: Sasha Ra’Vaughn for Style King U.K

*Game Day: When Kate’s water finally does break, experiencing her first contraction (or otherwise encounters the first sign she’s gone into labor) she will be rushed off to St. Mary’s hospital in London’s Paddington district to await her the arrival of the heiress to the British throne.  William is reportedly planning to take two weeks paid paternity leave from his day job as a Royal Air Force hero, but should Kate go into labor early a helicopter will be on hand to whisk him to London.

*Plan B: If Kate should say.. go into labor early so early that she isn’t even in London, there are contingency plans to get her to Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading. If, she’s at her parents home, or a hospital in Bangor, closer to her and Will’s  home on the isle of Anglesey, off the coast of Wales (their home base when he’s pulling RAF duty).

*It’s all about the location: St Mary‘s is the exact same hospital where Kate’s husband was born 31 years ago, as was her brother-in-law (the adorable Prince Harry), a few years after that.

* Is it suite enough?: The Lindo Wing of St Mary’s is, quite literally, fit for a queen of sorts. Each individual room is decked out like a boutique hotel with a  tube, radio, a safe, a bedside phone, internet access and a fridge.   Of course, there is also a wine list in case of any of her visitors might want to down a drink while waiting for the arrival of the royal baby.  A “normal” delivery package in the Lindo Wing requires a £5,500 ($8,600) deposit, and rates run £1,000 ($1560) per 24 hours stayed over any originally scheduled time.

The A Team: Dr. Marcus Setchell, former OBGYN to the queen, will lead the delivery, with an assist from the queen’s current gynecologist, Dr. Alan Farthing.


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