50% of Hong Kong says Edward Snowden should stay in China

Snowden111A new poll conducted by Chinese media — has an interesting picture of NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden being painted in the Asian region. According to reports, 50% of all Hong Kongers believe that Snowden should be saved, and made that  very aware at a protest that occurred today just hours after it was made public that the U.S had been hacking China for years.

Snowden made the news of China being hacked public during another round of interviews with The Guardian, and it almost instantaneously sparked outrage throughout China and its politicians.

“It’s unlawful, unjustified and unscrupulous,” said a Hong Kong politician at the rally. “We demand the whole truth be disclosed by the US administration, an unconditional apology from Obama and an assurance this interference will stop.”



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