Should Edward Snowden be extradited to the United States?

King1In response to Edward Snowden’s heroic leaking of U.S intelligence information to The Guardian — leading U.S Republicans have called on the Obama Administration to immediately begin extradition papers for  Snowden, who is and has been in Hong Kong, China for about 10 days.

House Republican Peter King, apparently feels that Snowden deserves to be persecuted to the fullest extent of the law (however that seems unlikely at this point).

“If Edward Snowden did in fact leak the NSA data as he claims, the United States government must prosecute him to the fullest extent of the law and begin extradition proceedings at the earliest date,” said Rep. Peter King, chairman of the House Homeland Security Subcommittee, in The Guardian, a British paper. “The United States must make it clear that no country should be granting this individual asylum. This is a matter of extraordinary consequence to American intelligence.”

Share with us your opinions below: Do you think Edward Snowden should be extradited to the U.S and face punishment for leaking truth about U.S intelligence?

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