NY man murdered in cold blood in gay-hate crime: City in uproar

MARC1Greenwich Village, New York:  The city of New York is up in arms this weekend after news was confirmed that 32-year-old  Mark Carson was shot point blank range in a homophobic-hate-crime in Greenwich Village; after refusing to deny his sexuality to an armed assailant.  Elliot Morales, 33, reportedly approached Carson in the village with of whom he was strolling along with his ‘best friend’ (.. some reports have claimed it was a boyfriend..) where he was asked ‘if he was gay’ and ‘did he want to die here’.

New York Police told The Daily Mail that the crime was motivated by hate. Morales, 33, went into nearby bars after the attack threatening to kill every gay individual inside of the bar when he made it known inside of the facility that he was indeed wearing a holster.

The New York Post was the first to break the story, and it continues to break as the weekend comes to an end.



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