Movie Review: Lifetime’s ‘Hiding’

hidingMovie Review; Hiding

Josefine, a young woman almost instantly is seen in the beginning of the movie as a girl who witnessed her family being murdered at the hands of a killer named Rahuel Ramirez. Josefin, obviously in her teenage years – see’s herself in the beginning shipped off to a foster home in an attempt to hide herself from the people who killed her family, so she stays alive.

Although, there’s a twist. Her secret identity identifies ‘Josefin’ or ‘Joe’  as a young woman from Seattle who lost her family to drunk drivers,   but that’s actually farthest from the truth.  The foster mother Donna,  is actually a bit of a wack-a-doodle and  a bit over cheery.

Josefin, soon finds herself in the worst scenario a teenager could possibly imagine. Her first day at a new school, mid-year.  Of course, she barely made it to class without actually nearly having a head on collision with the ‘clique’ who just so happened to be wearing close to nothing.. (how ironic… that actually does happen in high school sadly..).

The +1 at this very short minute into the movie, is by far the cute white boy with a nice pair of pretty eyes.  Definitely interested in Josefin, which hilariously upsets the slutty school-girl we’ve yet to learn her actual name.



The movie takes a twist when the killers  of Josefin’s family actually make their first appearance – kind of. Rahuel Ramirez is seen for the first time in a night club where he and his gang members are seen talking about shooting her family dead.

Quick turn again, now it’s back to her life in a foster home mostly because all of the events previously described in the last paragraph were actually daydreams and nightmares she’s been having because she’s terrified of testifying in the case – and can’t figure out why she’s been forced to go into hiding.

Ask yourself this:  Why do teenage girls care so much about popularity?

Turns out that hoe actually has a name, her name is apparently Zoey and she rules the school. So much, she’s after the captain of the football team however he seems to be interested in the new girl who happened to have gotten into an argument with Zoey in the lunchroom using hilarious Spanish [lol].

SPOILER:  Whose seen Pretty Little Liars? Yup,  Benzo’s hot boyfriend Tyler Blackburn also stars in this movie clearly as the hunky quiet artist who keeps to himself.

NOW IT GETS GOOD:  One of the many ‘henchmen’ if you will seeking to seek and destroy Josefine actually shows up at her school looking for her.  Posing as a reporter seeking to reveal the truth about what happened – he ends up pleading with the principal  to be given the address to a nursing home where one of ‘Alicia’s ‘  close relatives stays *grandmother*.

Little does the poor girl actually know that she’s being hunted viciously to stop her from testifying, and putting Ramirez behind bars for the rest of his life. Distracted by the pretty eyed boy in her class,   she eventually finally begins to settle down in her new home but not until her social worker shows back up to her new home to inform her that she must now identify the body of the 2nd shooter he believes he has found.

The shooter, who hasn’t exactly yet to be identified pokes his way around the nursing home where Alicia’s friend stays (old woman).  Only to discover that she received flowers from Alicia (he doesn’t know that) but it actually spells trouble for her, because he soon locates  the town in which she is hiding in…. Eeek!

The film actually highlights a real issue with some crimes involving murder.  Testifying in cases can be  quite dangerous some don’t actually realize that.


Overall rating: Great movie . B+ .

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