Man arrested in connection to murder of Jill Halliburton Su


FLORIDA — The mystery surrounding the death of billionaire heiress Jill Hallibruton  Su, has been solved. According to police, Dayont’e Omar Resiles has been arrested and charged with first degree murder in connection to the crime. Police say that Resiles reportedly… Continue Reading

Apple announces that police will no longer be able to demand access to your iPhone

Views Of Apple Store Ahead Of Apple, Samsung Ruling

Here’s a twist: Apple has actually done something good for the Apple using consumer. According to the company, the company has now switched lanes on user privacy — confirming that the company will no longer unlock i-Phone’s for law enforcement… Continue Reading

Even Brad and Angelina’s wedding pictures couldn’t boost People’s sales


You’d think a couple like Brad and Angelina would cause magazine sales to skyrocket, especially when photos of their top secret French wedding finally hit the glossy pages of PEOPLE magazine. However, that isn’t the case. Daily News’ trusty gossip… Continue Reading