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Damage done by alleged CIA mole may be actually catastrophic

The CIA mole that was arrested for his part in the deaths and captures of agents in China dating back to 2010, ehum, may have actually been much worse than actually thought. According to NBC News,     sources say that  the mole     helped Chinese authorities discover “covcom” which was apparently an informant-designed communication system […]

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Sources: Bannon desperately trying to avoid grand jury in Mueller investigation

Looks like  Steve Bannon has some  explaining to do. According to the Associated Press,   Bannon’s lawyer apparently fed questions from special prosecutors (and Robert Mueller’s investigation)   to the White House during the first of many questioning hearings to come. Bill Burck, his lawyer, was apparently on the phone  with the White House during the first […]


“Christian” family imprisons their 13 children in the name of Christianity

LOS ANGELES — Horrifying details of a case in California have caught our attention this morning.  California authorities  arrested  David Allen Turpin and Louise Turpin on charges of severe child endangerment and the entrapment of several adults (some of those imprisoned ranged from ages 2 to 29). Video credit: The Daily Mail. Here’s how it […]

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Documentary reveals secrets of Britain’s Imperial State Jewels

Queen Elizabeth II has always been a fascinating character,  and, the latest documentary on her family and the history of the said family is no different.   The Coronation premiered on the BBC this week, and,  certainly had viewers talking — particularly Queen Elizabeth herself. In the documentary, viewers learned some pretty spectacular facts about life inside […]