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When birthday surprises GO HORRIBLY wrong: LOL
When Tech Doesn’t Play Nice, how a millionaire evaded jail even though there’s video evidence he beat his girlfriend
Lupita Nyong’o named People’s Most Beautiful
Dean McDermott’s therapist thinks he has been lying his entire life
Dean McDermott blames cheating on Tori Spelling, on ‘lack of sex’
Reality T.V star Tori Spelling, reportedly faked cheating scandal
A very young Sofia Vergara, pictured in never-before-seen photographs when she first hit the United States
Beyonce not attending Kim Kardashian’s wedding after all
8 Years On, a look back at the history of Daily News International
Kenya Moore out at Real Housewives of Atlanta, following televised brawl
Top Hollywood bosses, named in child-molestation case rocking Hollywood
Netflix increasing prices
Baby born unable to open his mouth: Top Story
Coming to America: KKK neighborhood watch programs
Stunning model Kelly Brook, appears at Coachella in selfie-frenzy
Lindsay Lohan dating married father: Report
Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, spark rumors of Gilmore Girls reunion
Tila Tequila, pregnant
Miss America defends teen who was suspended for innocent ‘Will You Go To Prom With Me’
A look inside this reclusive heiress’s never-occupied mansion
U.S government approves powered alcohol
Facebook just launched a feature to share your location with your friends
Queen Elizabeth gets new portrait to mark 88th birthday
St. Peters overflows as Pope Francis hails Easter
Song of the Day: Carly Rae Jepsen ‘Call Me Maybe’
Rafaelle Sollecito spotted at same house Meredith Kercher was murdered in: Reports
Malaysian Officials: Search for MH370 intensifies, should be completed in a week
Daily News declines offer to appear in feature film, television show
Suspect, 27, charged in NINE KC shootings
Rumors plague this star’s bizarre sex scandal
Chelsea Clinton, pregnant
This rapper cut off his penis, jumped off building: Report
Tom Cruise, kind of, sort of, has a new girlfriend
32Red pen Rangers sponsorship deal
Watch: Cody Simpson ‘Surfboard’
Top Story: More than 200 girls kidnapped in Nigeria by Boko Horam
Pop singer Miley Cyrus, hospitalized
Do we peak at age 24? Study finds interesting piece of information
India recognizes transgender, as third gender
Kansas City shooter charged with capitol murder
Alexa Ray Joel, collapses on stage
Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Mimi Faust, Nikko release sex-tape
Report: American Idol not coming back for another season
Millions of Android devices vulnerable to heartbleed bug
Google Glass available for purchase tomorrow
Oscar Pistorius: Blade Runner ‘Weeps for Himself’ in court
[Photo] See Kate Middleton play sports in heels, and kick butt too
NTSB: Driver of FedEx truck didn’t brake before crash
Amber Rose cuts a fab figure at Coachella
[Transcript] The e-mail received in regards to Misty Copsey
Daily News receives death threats over publishing information about Misty Copsey ‘s believed kidnapper
Jenny McCarthy defends herself against critics ‘I am not anti-vaccine’
Witness: FedEx truck burst into flames, before slamming into tour bus
Gambling champ Phil Ivey, accused of cheating by casino
Newly engaged couple among bus crash victims: Reports
Affluenza teen’s parents to pay fraction of rehab cost
White House getting Anne Frank tree planted on lawn
Medicare paid doctor $21M in one year
Obama Administration touts equal pay for all, but females in White House face gender-pay diffference
Use Windows XP? Microsoft just totally divorced your computer, and doesn’t plan to reconcile
AT&T wants to kill your home phone entirely
Twitter finally got a new redesign
Archie comics… to kill ‘Archie’
Updated: My Editorial on Misty Copsey and my Uncle Rhueban sparked death threats
Daily News snaps up 17 more acquisitions
Tributes pour in for model Peaches Geldof
Watch: ‘The Principle’ documentary
Obama signs orders to boost equal pay
Yahoo shopping for T.V Shows: Reports
[Video] This cat is the smartest cat we’ve seen in a while
Kanye West desperately pleading with Hollywood elite to grant Kim access to A-List events
Royal couple arrives in Sydney, headed for Auckland
Kate adds several new designers to Royal wardrobe for upcoming trip
Wallis & Holdings: DNI orders big-shake-up, fires every top level executive
Discussions between Daily News Online, Wallis & Holdings abruptly end
Jay-Z sports necklace, Jay-Z sparks insane backlash
You’ve got to see this incredible moment caught on camera between a lioness and a baboon [Photo]
New film makes jaw-dropping claim about Moammar Gadhafi
5 stars who can surprisingly speak different languages
Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter could still pocket $44M
1985 cult classic ‘The Goonies’ getting a sequel
Lagerfield, Chanel, trade heels for sneakers
James Franco to play ‘Ex-Gay’ in new movie
Congrats: DNI President finally finishes high-school
CIA official dead in apparent suicide attempt: Reports
Destiny’s Child star Michelle Williams stuns in two ensembles for Jesus festival performance
Shock on Capitol Hill as its revealed Obama’s Belgium trip cost taxpayers $2.9M
Porsha Williams talks about that brawl with Kenya Moore: Video
Paula Deen shuns eatery, doesn’t tell employees
Two more heroes emerge out of Fort Hood
AP Photographer killed in Afghanistan
Why are cereal mascots staring at you?
Awkward: James Franco may have tried to bed a 17-year-old on Instagram
Hot This Week: Nigella Lawson barred from entering the U.S, over drug confession
Rob Ford caught in dubious lie
Drake has an undying love for Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence
[Photo] Nicki Minaj is actually really pretty without makeup
Bizarre: Woman’s April Fool’s Prank? Shoot-out at a college
Josh Elliot leaves Good Morning America, headed to NBC Sports
Colbert fires back at Ching Ching Twitter uproar


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  • Hey Now: #MyNYPD just totally backfired, and it was awfully funny 23/04/2014
    In today’s most hilarious news: The NYPD would like you to know brains don’t run in the precinct. The brilliance that is the NYPD, apparently decided to launch a new social media unit…. with the hashtag #MyNYPD asking residents to tweet their pics posing with policemen (and women). The ending response, perhaps wasn’t what the […]
  • MiMi Faust, Nikko Smith sex-tape goes live on smashes sales expectations 22/04/2014
    ATLANTA — Well, this came early. The sex-tape featuring infamous Love & Hip Hop stars Nikko Smith and MiMi Faust has gone live on the interwebs and is now available for sale. exclusively released the tape late last night, which is now up for sale as low as $4.95 as of this writing. According […]
  • 4 Things You Didn’t know about MiMi Faust ‘s sex-tape partner Nikko Smith 22/04/2014
    People are still talking about that now infamous (and quite hilarious shower-rod) we mean sex-tape between MiMi Faust and Nikko Smith, no really. In a round-up profile, The Chronicle rounds up five things you probably might have known about Faust’s Sex-tape partner Nikko Smith. 1.) He’s a musician Nikko, whom we might add (is strangely […]
  • Colorado lights up for 4.20 20/04/2014
    DENVER –  In one of the many places where marijuana is legal, you’ve probably seen your fair share of people lighting up for the big-day (and no we’re not talking about tax refunds).  Pot-heads to the tune of 80,000 showed up in Denver Sunday afternoon in support of the beloved 4-20 ‘holiday’, in which one […]
  • Devious Maids returns with Season 2, tonight 20/04/2014
    Calling all Devious Maids  fans. The hit Lifetime show that made its debut last year, is set to return to Lifetime tonight with season 2. That means T.V’s resident maids, and everybody’s favourite ditsy rich lady are looking to take over your television screens this evening. Are you excited!?
  • Pictured: Duchess of Cambridge attends Easter service in Syndey 20/04/2014
  • Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon, not dating Tom Cruise 20/04/2014
    The rumors, are so not the new black.  Reps for Tom Cruise confirmed to The Mail Online today, that the actor is not dating Orange is the New Black star Laura Prepon.  According to reports, the rumors previously surfaced after a Grazia magazine report claimed the two had a romantic dinner inside a fancy restaurant […]

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